Dressing up the Dog.

Dog is one of the 9 Friend types that players can choose when the create characters for Yeld. Unlike Bully, Princess, Liar or the rest of the Friend types, Dog is an actual Dog and comes with a few limitations. The Dog can only hold one item or weapon at a time, and has to use his or her mouth to do so. That doesn’t stop Dog Friends from being super cool though, especially since they get extra Run and Bite Special dice to make up for it!

Dogs in Yeld get access to the same cool costumes and gear that regular friends get to collect,and the rulebook will have plenty of examples of awesome Dog outfits. Here’s we see a Dog dressed for the Freelancer Job, and the Dog version of the special Bushi armor set!

Yeld Podcast Interview!

Nick and I are interviewed on the UltraPublications podcast! Check it out! We talk about the upcoming game, boss fights, design problems, Mermaid Hunters, Kickstarter and Modest Medusa! Warning: My microphone was total crap, so I’m hard to hear for like the first 20 minutes. We evenyually fixed the problem, and you can hear Nick fine through teh whole thing! Also, featuring music by Honey Badger!

Also, here’s a picture. This is the illustration for the ”Fire Hat” spell. Minus color.


Yeld softball

A few years ago, back when Nick and I first started working on Yeld, I wrote this set of rules for playing Softball within the game. Because… if you’re traveling around a fantasy world beating up vampires and saving villages you might as well join that world’s softball league. Right? Anyway, these rules aren’t part of the official game and won’t make it into the book (because they’re a total mess), but I  thought you guys might get a kick out of them anyway!

It shouldn’t be any surprise that softball is most popular pass time in Yeld. Every town and city in the magical land  has it’s own home grown team, and softball season is every true fans favorite time of year!

The idea for softball rules for Yeld came to me while we were playingtesting the other day. This is just the first draft, so it may not make much sense. The idea is pretty simple though. As the friends explore Yeld they’ll have a chance to compete in the softball league as a team. Which is pretty cool! So here’s the rules, plus some new Special dice and equipment, and a  team to play against. The Badgerhill Badgers are just the first team the friends will face. Later I’ll post the Blue Village Squidmen, the Storm Mountain Oathbreakers and the Bouldertown Toothfacers!

Oh, you’ll need a copy of the Yeld rulebook or Mermaid Hunters to make this work.

Teams: There are two teams, the Friends team and the Monsters team. The Monster team is made up of 8 Monsters. The Friends team is made up of the Friends from your current Yeld game. If you’re not currently playing Yeld you can just stat up some Friends using the Friend creation rules found in the Yeld book!

The softball diamond: The softball diamond is represented by the action board (using a chess board is fine). Decide which corner is the home base!

Innings: Each game has 3 Innings. An Inning is a turn at batting and fielding for each team. The team captains will roll Brave dice against each other to see which team bats first. The team with the most runs at the end of the 3rd inning wins!

Batting: Friends take turns batting. The batter stands on home base and rolls Strong dice against the pitcher. If he wins (and no monster catches the ball, which we’ll talk about in a bit) then he can move to first base. A batter that has reached 1st base is now called a base runner. If he fails, he strikes out. Thats right, one strike means you’re out!

If the batter wants to move on to second base he’ll roll his Brave dice against the Smart dice of the Monster with the ball (and we’ll explain how the monsters get the ball in a bit). If he wins he’ll reach second base, but if he fails he’ll be out.

The batter can keep trying to move to the next base until he reaches home base or is tagged out by a monster.

If a base runner is already on a base when a batter moves to first base, they can try to make it to the next base by making a brave roll in the way described above. Two base runners can’t be on the same base at the same time!

Friend’s who aren’t batting or on base can cheer on the batter by rolling Smart dice. If any of their rolls are greater then the pitchers Strong roll (the one he made against the batter) then the batter can reroll his batting rol (if he missed) or re-roll his next Brave roll to reach a base.

Once the team suffers three strikes they’ll switch to fielding, and the other team will take a turn at batting.

Fielding: There are 8 Field positions, pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and right, center and left field. If you’re playing the monster team you can assign a monster to each position. If you’re playing the Friends team you have to have a pitcher and catcher, but a single Friend can cover right, center and left field, and another friend can cover 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.

Pitchers roll Strong to pitch. If the beat the batter then the batter is out. If the batter hits the ball he’ll roll a die to see where it goes. Here’s the chart:

1- Right field
2- Left field
3- Center field
4- 1st base
5- 2nd base
6- 3rd base

The Fielder assigned to that position can try to catch the ball by rolling Tough against the batters Strong roll (the one he made to hit the ball). If the win, they catch the ball and the batter is out. If the lose, they still pick up the ball.

Once a Fielder has the ball he can try to tag a base runner that is trying to reach the next base by rolling Smart against the base runners Brave. Only the 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and catcher can tag base runners, and they can only tag runners that are trying to reach their base.

A Fielder with the ball can throw it to another Fielder by making a Smart roll against the Tough dice of the Fielder he is throwing to. If he wins then the Fielder catches the ball and can throw it to someone else or try to tag a base runner out.

Right field can throw to 1st base, 2nd base or Center field.

Center field can throw to Right field, Left field or 2nd base.

Left field can throw to 3rd base, 2nd base or Center field.

1st base can throw to 2nd base, Pitcher, Catcher or Right field

2nd base can throw to 1st base, 3rd base, Pitcher and Center field

3rd base can throw to 2nd base, Pitcher, Catcher and Left Field

Pitcher can throw to 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and Catcher.

Catcher can throw to 1st base, 3rd base and Pitcher.

Here’s how the whole thing works:

1. The pitcher and batter roll. If the batter wins, roll to see where the ball goes, then have that fielder roll agaisnt thebatters roll to see if he can catch the ball.

2. If the ball is not caught then the batter moves to 1st base.

3. The batting team decides which base runners will try to run to new bases. Base runners on third base will always move first, followed by base runners on 2nd base, then base runners on first. They won’t roll their Brave dice yet.

4. Now that we know which base runners are running, the Fielders will roll throws and catches to see if they can get the ball to the Fielder who is in the right position to tag out a base runner. If any of the catches fail then the base runner closest to home gets to make his way to the next bse without making a Brave roll!

5. Once the Fielders get the ball in position they can try to tag out a base runner. If they fail the base runner can decide to keep moving, and the fielders can make some more throws and catches and try to tag him out again. Once that base runner stops moving the Fielders can make more throws and catches to reposition the ball and try to tag out more base runners. This continues till all the base runners are tagged out or safe on bases.

Here’s a recap of what the Core dice are used for:

 batting, pitching
Smart: cheering,throwing, tagging, stealing
Tough: catching
Brave: running

Home run: The batter can score a home run by rolling double the pitchers Strong. This means that the batter and all base runners can return to home base!

Stealing bases: Before a pitch base runners can try to steal to the next empty base by rolling Smart against the Pitchers Smart dice. If they win they’ll make it to the next base. If they lose they’ll be tagged out! Only one base runner can try to steal each pitch.

Bullying: Before a pitch a Fielder in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd base position may try to Bully a base runner. This counts as an attack using the fight rules. Base runners roll Tough to avoid attacks, but they can’t attack back. You can find the fight rules in the Yeld book.

Team Captain: Choose your team captain when you first form your team!

Equipment and Spells: Normal Weapons and armor aren’t allowed in softball games. neither is spell casting! Clothes, Food and Gear items are just fine!

Brave Challenges: Friends can gain back lost Core dice by making Brave Challenges between innings.

Winning: Winning a softball game gets you a treasure. It also lets you move up to the next difficulty level to fight a tougher team. There are probably other rewards associated with this. We’ll figure it out later!

New (and re-purposed) Special dice:

Break: You hit the ball so hard, the bat shatters! Add to batting rolls.The next time a team mate makes a batting roll they’ll roll one less die.

Dragul Special: Add to pitch rolls. Instead of striking the batter out, the batter will lose a Brave die.

Fight Dirty: Add to Strong rolls when bullying a base runner. If you win the attack, the base runner will lose a Strong and Smart die instead of a Tough die.

Fireball Pitch: Add to pitch rolls. Instead of striking the batter out, the batter will lose a Brave die.

Knuckle Ball of the Serpent God: Add to pitch rolls. Instead of striking the batter out, the batter will lose a Tough die.

Pep Talk: Add to Brave Challenges between innings!

Rematch: Add to all rolls against a team you have beaten before!

Steal: Add to your Smart roll to steal a base.

Tanzang Tornado: Add to pitch rolls. Instead of striking the batter out, the batter will lose a Smart die.

Trip: Add to Strong rolls when bullying a base runner. If you win the attack, the base runner will lose a Strong and Brave die instead of a Tough die.

New Items and weapons:

Lucky Coin (Rank 1 Gear item): Add to Brave dice to see which team bats first. Only the team Captain can use this item.

Uniform: (Rank 1 light Armor): +1 Armor, re-roll one failed throw roll during each softball game.

Mascot Costume (Rank 2 Clothes item/head): Roll one extra die when cheering.

Tanzang Slugger (Rank 1 Club): +1 Strong, +1 Break

Wonderboy (Rank 2 Axe):
 +2 Strong, +1 Steal

Stinky Old Glove (Rank 2 Shield): +1 Armor, re-roll one failed catch roll each softball game.

Fancy Pitchers Glove (Rank 1 Clothes Item/hand): Re-roll one failed pitch roll each softball game.

Hotdog (Rank 1 Food Item): Add +1 Strong and Brave to your next action. Eat this food before any action.

The Badgerhill Badgers! 

The Badgerhill Badgers are a pretty famous team, even though they’ve never won a championship. They come from a small town where everyone is a giant talking badger. Being giant means they’re good at softball. Being able to talk means they’re good at making fun of you! The Badgerhill badgers are the first team you’ll face. They’re an easy team to beat, which means that I’ve used the Weak Monster Formula to build them. You’ll need to beat this team before you can face a Tough team!

Giant Badger Pitcher (Weak): Strong 2 Smart 1 Tough 1 Brave 1
Stuff: Fancy Pitchers Glove
Special dice: Evil 1, Fireball Pitch 1

Giant Badger Catcher (Weak, team captain):
 Strong 2 Smart 2 Tough 1 Brave 1
Stuff: X
Special dice: Good 1, Steal 1

Giant Badger Fielders (Weak,x3): Strong 1 Smart 1 Tough 2 Brave 1
Stuff: Stinky Old Glove
Special dice: Evil 1, Trip 1

Giant Badger Batters (Weak,x3): Strong 1 Smart 1 Tough 2 Brave 1
Stuff: Hotdog
Special dice: Evil 1, Break 1


Here’s some more art from the game book. Cooking is one of several Special Dice based activities that players can use to create items. Food items can only be used once, but provide a bonus Core die, extra Special dice or other neat effects! Special recipes can be discovered on Holidays, won from Boss Monsters as Treasure or bought from rare traveling vendors like the ghost Merchant or the Sushi Kid!

Free Mermaid Hunters!

Just back from Sakuracon where Nick and I got to run some Mermaid Hunters games. Thanks for playing, everyone! Here’s Nick, Ben Hsu and I at the Cel*Style booth where we were giving away copies of Mermaid Hunters to anyone who signed up to play a game!

You can still get a free copy of Mermaid Hunters when you order any game or comic from the Cel*Style store! No need to add Mermaid Hunters to your cart, we’ll just slip it in with any order! This offer is good until the end of April!

Advancement in Yeld

Yeld doesn’t have a level system like D&D, but your character will still advance as your story unfolds.

Each character starts with 1 of each Core dice, plus an extra Core die of your choice. Next you’ll choose what kind of Friend you’d like to be. Tomboy, Know-it-all, Baby, Brat, Big Brother, Dog,  Bully, Liar and Princess are your choices. Each Friend type gives an extra Core and Special die.

Choosing Know-it-All will give you the following dice:

Core: Strong 1, Tough 2 Smart 2 Brave 1

Special dice: Excuse Me!

Each game you play will bring more Reward dice, which you can spend on Special Dice or Treasures. After your first few Adventures you’ll be able to choose a Heroic Job, including Black Mage, Oath Breaker, Soul Thief, Freelancer, Shepherd, Witch Hunter and Witch. Each Job gives a kit including 2 Core dice, 2 Special dice, a Job Ability, a costume, a list of weapons you can use (as well as one of those weapons). When you choose a Job you also gain access to an exclusive set of job specific Special dice that only you can buy and use.

After choosing Witch Hunter your character will look like this:

Core Dice: Strong 2 Smart 3 Tough 2 Brave 1

Special dice: Excuse me! +1, Tease +1, Fight Dirty +1

Armor: Witch Hunter Mask  (armor +1)

Weapon: Club ( Strong +1, Break +1)

Job Ability: Magic Proof: The Witch Hunter shrugs off magical attacks! The Witch Hunter always doubles his Smart dice when rolling to resist magic.

You’ll also be able to buy Special dice from teh Witch Hunter list.

Witch Hunter Special dice:

Revenge: Add to Strong when attacking Monsters that have hurt another Friend in this fight.

Judge: Add to Strong when you attack a spell-casting Monster that has not yet cast a spell this round.

Shield Bash: Buy this die once. If you have a Shield and successfully block an attack, you can immediately roll your Strong Core dice against your attackers Core Tough dice. If you win, the attacker loses a Tough die! Doing this does not count as your action this round. You cannot do this if you have already taken an action this round.

Witch Burner: Buy once. When you successfully resist a spell your next attack may cause Fire.

As you continue your Adventure you’ll gain more Reward dice. You can use these dice not just to buy Special dice and Treasure but also to learn new Jobs. Visiting a Class Trainer will allow you to spend Special dice to switch Heroic Jobs. You can trade your Job Kit, including the Core dice and Job Ability, for a new Job Kit. The nice thing about switching Jobs is that you can keep the Job Specific Special dice from your last Job. Some Special dice combos are very potent, and it’s worth training several different Jobs to get them!

When you’ve learned all you can from Herioc Jobs or want to try something different you can Visit a Trainer and pay Reward dice to learn an Advanced Job, like Vampire Hunter! Advanced Jobs cost more than just Reward dice. You’ll have to complete a special quest to unlock each of these these Jobs!